Jeffrey Custom Leather

New Holster "Break-in"

A new leather holster is generally tight when you first receive it. This is normal.
Leather is a natural material and has a certain amount of stretch to it. If the holster were not tight in the beginning, it would
not  hold the firearm securely after being used for a while.

To break in a new holster properly, follow these steps:

Ascertain that the holster was made for the model of gun that you have.
Check to be sure the gun is
Gradually work the gun into the holster until it is seated completely. A slight twisting motion, back and forth, may make this  
easier, but don't use excessive force.
Withdraw the gun and repeat the process several times.

Once the holster has been loosened a bit, mount it to your pistol belt as you will normally wear it.
Again, with an
"UNLOADED" gun, draw the gun and reholster it several times.
This process, along with wearing the holster for a few days, will complete the break-in process. The holster will then hold
the gun  securely, but still allow a good smooth draw when the gun is grasp firmly.

There are products made that claim to speed up the break-in process but they are usually "to much of a good thing".
They generally lubricate the inside of the holster to the point that good retention is sacrificed. As a general rule, I do not
recommend them unless the holster incorporates some form of thumb strap retention device.
Product Construction

Our products are constructed using only, "made in America" Hermann Oak leather. Each holster is constructed entirely by
hand and fitted to the exact model of handgun it is intended for. Concealment holsters are wet molded, boned by hand,
dyed, oiled, edge burnished and finished out as if they were to be my own personal holster. The curring time between
these stages often takes several days and is not suitable for high production holster companies but it's the only way to
build a superior holster. Stitching is done with the highest quality of 277 nylon thread and is double lock stitched at the
beginning and end of each run. Stress areas have a double row of stitching for additional strength. A final  double coat of
sealer provides superb moisture resistance which not only insures years of trouble free service but also adds additional
protection for your firearm.

Much of the beauty of leather comes from the fact that it is a natural product which exhibits variations in color and texture
that make each item a one of a kind.
We hope that you will enjoy the uniqueness of the holster that you purchase.